Reserved Parking Lots
Parking at the Lincoln Financial Field lot is sold in advance and is by permit only (i.e. season ticket holders). For parking pass holders, tailgating is allowed on all on-site lots, which open five hours prior to kick-off. Among the lots, G and H (especially H) are listed at the top for tailgating, likely because RVs and campers are only allowed on these lots and the die-hard tailgater requires a vehicle of this size to transport all that enthusiasm. Note: RVs and campers must arrive no later than three hours prior to game time and must possess two parking passes (the 2nd pass can be purchased for $35 when entering the lot). All vehicles must have a parking pass displayed at all times.

For fans without permits that still want reserved parking, visit ParkWhiz.com to purchase parking in advance at a host of downtown locations. Tailgaters should look for lots (not garage parking) as most stadium parking lots, even off the stadium grounds, allow this pre-game fun.

Cash Parking Lots
Most parking lots will cost between $15-25, but some organized tailgate parties can cost as much at $40 per carload. Because these lots are first-come, first-served, the earlier you arrive, the better your chances are of accessing the best lots or finding free street parking (look in Federal Hill).

Although most lots advertise that they don’t open until four hours before game time, in many cases it’s possible to get in earlier and just pay the attendant later. Further, there are tons of pay lots located around the stadium for fans arriving early.

One of the best-known private tailgating spots called the Staples lot (or ABC Rental lot) consistently receives great reviews from fans and is located on the corner of Hamburg and Russell Streets. Plus, it’s just a short distance from the stadium. Due to this lot’s popularity, the trick is to arrive extra early (e.g. no later than 9 a.m. for a 1 p.m. game).

For those not prepared to get up so early, try driving down Russell and Hamburg Streets as there are plenty of small business lots that allow tailgating and offer cheap rates. Also, check out W. West, Sharp and Ostend Streets at the southeast corner of the stadium for options like the old GMC lot located on the corner of Ostend and Warner Street.

Above all, remember that Baltimore proudly hosts over 30,000 parking spots in lots and garages around the city so every fan can enjoy the game. It just takes a little time and patience.

Grills must be kept a minimum of two feet away from vehicles and keeping the aisles clear for other vehicles to pass. Charcoal grills must use ready to light charcoal. No lighter fluid is permitted. Gas grills must utilize a 20 pound tank or less and must be attached to the grill. Grills must not be left unattended once lit, and must be completely extinguished. Used coals may be discarded in the red barrels located on the lots. Recreational fires, outdoor fire pits and the use of any combustible of flammable liquids in a container or open space as a fuel source is prohibited.

Food and Cleanup
Consider the weather when planning food for your tailgating, such as chili on cold game days. Using plastic storage containers will keep food organized and ease cleanup. Bring trash and recycling bags with you to ensure you leave nothing behind and discard them in the proper receptacles.

Signage and Tents
Commercial signing of any kind is prohibited. Signage that could be deemed vulgar or offensive will not be permitted. Tents and pop-up tents are not allowed in the parking areas.

Alcohol is permitted in the parking lots for tailgating. Fans must be 21 years of age and be able to show proof of age to purchase. Fans that are deemed too intoxicated will not be allowed in the stadium